Monthly Archives: June 2010

Forgetting the Boobies

Mommy is¬†apparently “forgetting her boobies today” because she is wearing a bathing suit instead of a bra. That Liv…she’s a clever one.



My baby is all edumacated and ready for the bigtime in Kindergarten. In Cam’s own words, “Nobody partied like a rockstar up there like me today!” Amen, lil lady. Amen

Lights Out….OUCH!

You know you are a parent when you finally get into your bed at the end of the day and you are greeted by a matchbox car and a stuffed owl stabbing you in the ass.

An Even Trade

Me: “Camryn, would you ever want Mommy and Daddy to have another baby?”
Camryn: “Um, yes. Because then Livy would go away when the new baby came here.”

¬†Me: “Like a trade. We get a new baby instead of Liv?”

Camryn: (with a great big smile) “Yes, Mommy!”