Monthly Archives: July 2010

Who knew?

So, I was wondering who knew adenoids grow back after being removed, but just found her answer…Olivia knows, that’s who. Blech. Surgery for Liv…Part II. Poor kid is giving up her adenoids and tonsils this time around. No more hoarse voice, no more choking while eating, no more sleep apnea, no more cough, no more antibiotics and steroids. Hoping this is the last chapter and Liv feels  like a new woman afterwards!


Poopy-Free Panties

I know I am mom when the highlight of my day was Olivia pooping in the potty rather than her underpants. A day without having to tend to shitty underpants is a winner in my book. Thanks for cutting me a break today, lil lady. You done momma proud.

A Great Idea

And I continue to get a good laugh out of Camryn matter of factly telling us her “great idea” while we were riding in the car today. Her solution to Liv’s whinning is quite simple, yet effective. It went like this, “You just open the window and throw Livy out.”


I have decided that because she likes to chant the word all day long, she might as well wear them from now on. Congrats, Liv. You are going to be a big girl now. Like it or not.