Monthly Archives: August 2010

Goodbye Summer Camp Friends

I think it is bittersweet that Camryn went to bed crying because “tomorrow is the last day of camp and she will miss her new friends”. ­čÖé ­čśŽ


Recipe for a Good Time

had an enjoyable, mellow and uneventful time with the girls at Friendly’s this evening. No crying, minimal whining, low level of bickering, only one potty trip during the meal and food, other than ice cream, was actually consumed. A recipe for a good time.

Concert in the Park starring Livy Lou

I’m not┬ásure which was the better show…the lady singing kiddie songs at the park or Olivia screaming bloody murder in the audience. Both were captivating in my opinion.

Does Cinderella go to summer camp?

I spent this morning┬ádesperately trying to convince Liv it just isn’t practical to wear a Cinderella costume to camp today and losing the battle. Did the original Cinderella go to camp in her ball gown?


I never would have believed you if you told me that one day I’d be shopping for Disney princess bedding. That day has come. I realize a princess needs princess bedding and have put aside my dislike for all things girly. Momma loves you Livy Lou and so do the Disney princesses.