Monthly Archives: November 2010

Camryns and Olivias…

I am twitching a bit after hearing Camryn’s deep thought of the day…”Mommy, I want lots more Camryns and Olivias to fill up our house”.


F**king Najamas!

 I can’t stop smiling when thinking about Liv saying “F**king najamas” as she encountered some difficulties putting on her pj’s tonight. These kids never cease to amaze me…or make me laugh…hysterically.

Ready for the SATs…

I find it a bit alarming, impressive amd puzzling that my daughter has incorporated the words impressed, confiscated, synopsis and jazzy into her everyday vocabulary.

Highlight of the School Day…

So, I just picked up Liv from school and asked her what the best party of her day was. Her reply, “Going home.” Yikes.