And The 2012 Domestic Hero Award Goes To, None Other Than…..ME.

Feeling accomplished, rockstar-esque and just like one of those over-achieving moms I love to hate, after successfully completing…


1. Make a semi-homemade meal for dinner where only one of the four components comes from a box/bag and/or necessitates a microwave.

2. Complete all steps of gathering, washing, folding AND putting away one load of laundry in a timely fashion, which is to be less than six days.

3. Vacuum up enough dog fur on just one level of the house to make the dog a pseudo-doggie fur friend that is equal to, or bigger than he is.

…Nothing left to do now, but to pat my self on the back, relax on the couch, decide on a perfect spot on the mantle and wait for the phone to ring so they can give me directions on where I go to pick up my 2012 Domestic Hero Award…


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