The 100 Meter Get Back to School Before They Lock the Doors Dash

The 100 Meter Get Back to School Before They Lock the Doors Dash

Mommy: “So, Camryn, do you have a lot of homework tonight? Your backpack feels kinda light today.”

Camryn, 6: “Uh, not really, but I do have to study for my math test tomorrow.”

Mommy: “Ok, so how are you supposed to study for this test?”

Camryn, 6: “Oh, I’m going to study from the math review packet in my blue folder.”

Mommy: (inspecting contents of backpack) “That sounds like a plan, but uh, where’s this folder you speak of because there’s nothing fitting that description in this backpack.”

Camryn, 6: (dramtic pause) “Oh yeah, now I remember. I saw it drop out of my backpack somewhere inside the school today.”

Mommy: “Wait, hold up. You mean you actually saw the folder drop from your backpack and just left it there?”

Camryn, 6: (without an ounce of hesitation) “Yep.”

Mommy: (restraining herself to not unleash her true feelings about the situation which would most likely cause mental scarring to both Camryn and various other individuals in the school parking lot.) “Well then, it looks like you made a good choice in footwear today, Camryn. Get those sneakers ready to run the halls of Fairlawn Elementary School.”


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