A Letter to the 2012 Daddy of the Year Board….

Dear 2012 Father of the Year Board of Directors,
 I am writing to nominate my husband for this years’ award. Here’s a little background on him. He’s awesome. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. However, today Daddy took the awesomeness to a new level. He truly took one for the team. And, as a result, I, Mommy, dodged a bullet. I am so proud to call this man my husband and father of our children. I urge you to present …the award to my husband…the man who can pull of the “I just got puked on by my daughter in the middle of an airport with no access to my luggage for a change of clothes anytime soon” look a million times better than I could ever hope to. Please consider this hero of a daddy for this years’ award….you won’t be sorry you did. Thank you for your time.
Mommy of the Year, 2005-2011

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