Distracted Mom On Board…

Wanted: Personal assistant for car rides with my two kids. Must be able to juggle a minimum of 17,258 demands and requests begininng when the key enters the ignition. Please note, some of these tasks will necessitate you to contort your bod…y in various uncomfortable poses in order to retrieve a myriad of items, such as, but not limited to, droppped reading materials, micro-sized Squinkie toys, full bags of chips and beverages from under the car seats. Please have experience in dj’ing as you will also be required to load, play, replay, and switch out at least fifteen kiddie cd’s per every four miles driven. This is a fast paced position and not for the weak of heart. You must be willing to perform these duties efficiently and always with a smile. Payment will be in the form of any change you may find under the car seats during your shifts.

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