Sibling (Brain) Rivalry…

*Camryn, 6:”Olivia, stop saying those mean things to me already or I’m not playing Go Fish with you anymore!”
*Olivia, 4: “Oh, um, sorry, Cam. It was actually my brains saying those things, not me.”
*Camryn, 6: “Oooooh, that happens to me all the time too and I’m like, Brain! Stop saying those things, will ya?!” (a few minutes pass)
*Olivia, 4: “Camryn, you’re cheating!”
*Camryn, 6: (staring down Olivia for being mean to her again)
*Olivia, 4: “Whoops, it was just my brains again.”
*Camryn, 6:”Oh, that’s ok.” (both girls laugh in unison as if they have heard the funniest joke ever and continue on with the Go Fish game)
*Mommy: (left speechless, trying to make sense of the insanity she just overheard, while thanking her lucky stars her refereeing services were not necessary for this round or silbling rivalry.)

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