The Weekend Target Trip…

Because no weekend agenda is complete without a Target trip for those few things you truly need to re-stock in the house such as, milk, orange juice, toilet paper, toothpaste… cute tye-dyed peace sign t-shirts for the kids, a new toy for …the cat, a box of those delicious new cookies you just couldn’t leave on the shelf, that new lipstick that promises to stay on for twenty-four hours, a new bra just because you don’t own one in an adorable polka-dot pattern, that box of Easter themed cupcakes you swear not to eat until Easter, but will have devoured by the end of the weekend, a pack of gum, the new Barbie movie because it will hopefully keep the kids occupied and quiet for one hour and thirty seven minutes and finally, at the checkout line, a bottle of Diet Cherry Coke Zero to satisfy your body’s unhealthy addiction to caffeine…

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