School Vacation:The Good, The Bad, The Bickering…

School Vacation Agenda:

Main goal: to spend quality time with the little ones while engaged in and enjoying such activities as…

1. playground visits

2. playdates with friends

3. completing some arts and crafts projects

4. taking the dogs for walks

5. busting Daddy out of work for a few lunchedates

6. library stops for books and movies

7. attending a couple of plays

8. whatever else may tickle our fancy and keeps the kids smiling

And so here we are. We have finally arrived at school vacation, day #1 of 11. It is only 8:34 am and we are just getting our toes wet, yet we already have our first addendum to the agenda. All activities will drop down one spot in priority and number one shall now read as follows: 1. Stop by the nearest sports supplies store to purchase a referee shirt (in adult, size Large and preferably with pink stripes, if they carry it. )

That which does not kill me, makes me stronger…so, hopefully, this means I will survive the high-pitched squealing that is the girls arguing over whether or not the Littest Pet Shop chinchilla’s birthday is really today or tomorrow…I think I can, I think I can….


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