Enjoy The Silence…

The fear that strikes in the moment you realize you were just able to successfully complete an email from start to finish without any interruptions by the kids for cheese sticks, the sounds of a screeching cat being forced to play dress up …or a request for a butt to be wiped after going poopy on the potty. And as you sit there paralyzed by the terror of what may have taken place in those seven unsupervised minutes, you find yourself contemplating whether to continue basking in the rare moments of silence or force yourself to face the music, sooner than later, with a damage control inspection on the second floor of the house. Give them seven minutes and they’ll concoct a mess that could very possibly take seven days to clean up. The mess-making powers of a six-year-old and her four-year-old sister sidekick should never be underestimated…

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