The Public Tantrum…

That awkward moment when your child decides it is the perfect time to offer up a super sized, turbo-charged tantrum smack dab in the middle of Target over a bag of M&M’s and therefore, guarantees every shopper and em…ployee get a front row seat for the dramatic performance.
And then the next inevitable awkward moment when you force yourself to try and appear like you have everything under control and a solid procedure in place to tame the child and nip the public tantrum in the bud. However, in reality, you are on the verge of screaming, crying and having your own tantrum because you have no f#*king clue how to calm this unruly beastly version of your child and are using all of your brain power to figure out where ther nearest exit is located so the two of you can hightail it out of there.

One thought on “The Public Tantrum…

  1. stacey coleman says:

    step over said child and ask where is your mother? as you walk away…..

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