The First Playdate With a Boy (Somebody Hit The Pause Button Stat!)…

Camryn, 6: “Hey, Mom? Could you help me open up this lip gloss?”
Mommy: “Sure.” Camryn, 6: “Thanks.”
Mommy: Huh? Wait up, Cam. Why do you need to wear lip gloss?”
Camryn, 6: Uh, well, so I can look pretty and ah, actually pretty fancy too.”
Mommy: “Ok, but in your six years of life, you have never once shown any interest whatsoever in lipgloss, lipstick, chapstick or any other type of makeup product other than those impossible to remove fake tattoos you always get in those birthday party goodie bags…”
Camryn, 6: “Yeah. So, how much longer until I leave for my playdate at Christian’s house?”
Mommy: “About ten minutes or so.”
Camryn: “Ok, I better go and put a second coating of lipgloss before we leave then.”

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