Cats Don’t Lay Eggs…

Camryn, 6: “Mom, I have to do a school project about an animal that lays eggs, but it can’t be a bird or dinosaur.” Mommy: “What animal did you pick?”
Camryn, 6: “The playtypus.”
Mommy: “For real.”
Camryn, 6: “For real. Now can we go to the library to get a book out on them?”
Mommy: “Cam, you have hundreds of books on cats. Why can’t you just do your project on cats since you already have so many books on them right here at home?”
Camryn, 6: “Uh. Mom. Probably because cats don’t lay EGGS!”
Mommy: (hangs head in shame) “Good point. Put you coat on. We are library bound.”

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