Date Night…

The countdown is on until date night with the hubby is here. T-minus six hours. But, who’s counting. This gal right here. That’s who. It’s going to be a wild and crazy night. To start off our evening of romance we’ll spend the entire one hour and fifty-four minutes of the new John Cusack movie trying our damndest not to fall asleep and get our money’s worth.
Next, we will arrive at a guaranteed kid-free restaurant for dinner and spend the next hour ingesting alcohol and obscene amounts of food while instinctively resorting to talking about how the children are behaving for the babysitter, whether they ate all of their chicken nuggets for dinner or not, which child conveniently forgot to brush her teeth before bedtime, which child is giving it her all to make sure she is still awake when we get home, whether or not there will be a midnight potty trip if one or both forgot to pee before bedtime, what crazy household fun facts they felt it necessary to embarass us with by sharing them with the sitter, who lost which stuffed animal, therefore prolonging bedtime at least a half hour, how many glasses of water they drank after bedtime in order to have an excuse to get out of bed for another glass, which pets are forever emotionally scarred by the torture they were put through at the hands of the children, how many servings of dessert the girls swore Mommy and Daddy let them have and how bad their stomachaches are now, and most importantly, we will discuss when we will have our next night out at which we swear to talk about anything but the kids.

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