A Mommy and Her Blog…

Once upon a time, I had kids. At the end of each day, I would take a moment or two to jot down all those unbelievable things they did, the funny words they spoke and any other Mommy related realizations, epiphanies or tantrums I had that day in my little pink notebook bought specifically for this purpose. That notebook has since transformed into a blog site and Facebook page on which I record my thoughts.
Writing is my own personal form of therapy. I write to make myself laugh when I want to cry and sometimes I even make myself cry when I start off laughing. I write so that one day (most likely a week or two before they are due to give birth to their own children,) I can hand these thoughts over to my daughters in lieu of one of those fancy scrapbooks that I could never seem to get done. An added bonus have been the heartwarming, inspirational and uplifting messages I receive every now and then from other mommies out there.
What started as a silly little book of notes has turned into something so much more. I am thankful for each and every reader, all they have to share, and for making me realize that no matter how crazy this mommy thing gets, no matter how close I am to jumping off the ledge some days and no matter how brutally honest I am about the fact that at times, I have no clue what the hell I am doing on this roller coaster better known as motherhood, I am always reminded I am not alone. For this, I am forever grateful.
Thank you all….
“Love this page ..no matter what kinda day i have you always manage to make me smile !!!”
“Some of the mommy stuff you post here brings tears to my eyes… either because I can relate, or I’m not the only one, or just the memories that it sparks in me of my children and grandson. I worry every day that my children dont know how much I love them. Thank you for sharing! I love this page.”
“Always touching my heart….and making me laugh too.”
“I love your page! It’s always right on. I have a 6 year old daughter so listening to your stories always crack me up! Thanks :)”
“I just wanted to say thank you. You give me a much needed laugh on stress filled days, and bring me out of it when I’m feeling blue. I appreciate it. It’s nice to feel like my insanity is a norm. Keep up the good work.”
“I love this freakin page!!!!!”

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