To All Of You Mommies…

I wish you a day without tantrums, a day of being showered with kiddie hugs, kisses and heartwarming homemade gifts, a day of splurging on fattening yummy foods, a day that does not include the use of a vacuum, broo…m, mop, washing machine, dryer or dishwasher, a day of being waited on like a queen, a day of not wiping anyone else’s butt but your own, a day of rolling out of bed whenever the mood strikes, and a day that includes at least one moment when you step back, take a deep breath and give thanks for your little ones who have given you the priviledge to take on the most unpredictable, challenging and rewarding job you shall ever have…motherhood.   No matter what they may be, may all of your Mother’s Day wishes come true…

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