The Never-Ending Carousel of Favorite Foods…

Sunday: (at supermarket) “Oh Mommy, can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE buy these awesome Spongebob yogurt sticks? I just know I will love them so much! I need them! PLEASE!”
Monday: “Mommy, can I… have a Spongebob yogurt stick with my breakfast, lunch and dinner today?”
Tuesday: “Mommy, can I please take one of those cool Spongebob yogurt sticks to school in my lunchbox today?”
Wednesday: “Can I have a ginormous pile of those yummy Spongebob yogurt sticks and nothing else as my dinner tonight?”
Thursday: “I L-O-V-E Spongebob yogurt sticks!”
Friday: “I’m so bringing a blue Spongebob yogurt stick to school for snack today.”
Saturday: “Mom, please don’t EVER buy those disgusting Spongebob yogurt sticks. I don’t like then after all. Just throw the rest of the mega-sized bulk package I begged you to buy in the garbage because I am so done with those now, but next time we are at the store can you please buy me those really cool crushable yogurt cups? I really love those now.”

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