The Need To Vent…

Because it’s Monday morning. Because I am hormonal. Because sometimes ya just gotta let it out.

These are the things gnawing at my sanity today…

1. Being awoken to the sounds of my children mid-screaming match over which iCarly they should watch next.

2. Children hanging on my shopping cart in the store so that I cannot make a turn down an aisle without breaking a sweat.

3. Fulfilling a request for a particular meal only to be told my little angels actually changed their mind once it hits the table.

4. Being hit with a tidal wave of demands for a drink, a cheesestick, how to spell such words as armadillo and Antarctica etc. just as my ass hits the toilet seat.

5. Having to add a minimum of eleven minutes to the morning school day routine to make time for sunblocking purposes.

6. That small, elite group of mommies who are always there with a perfect little solution to your every mommy woe, yet can’t control their own kids if their life depended on it.

7.  <<insert your mommy pet peeve here….>>

…Thanks for listening. I feel better already. Happy Monday.

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