Welcome to Mom’s Diner. May I Take Your Order?

Because of the super lightning speed pace at which I have learned to prepare and serve the neverending wave of culinary demands in my house I have made the decision that I’d like to come back a…s a short order cook in my next life. My menu shall include cocoa puffs, macaroni and cheese from the blue box and in shapes of the characters from Madagascar, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets with enough ketchup to last for three whole days worth of meals, grilled cheese with the yellow cheese only, smiley face shaped french fries and vanilla ice cream dixie cups. Weekly specials will include, but are not limited to, non-chunky peanut butter and grape jelly with the crusts cut off and ABC shaped Spaghetti-o’s with mini-meatballs. Thanks for visiting Mom’s Diner. Come again soon, but not too soon.

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