There’s a New Superhero in Town…

Able to ruin a box of crayons within five minutes of them ever being opened, open, yet not eat, every yogurt sticks in the package in one hour’s time just so they can read the lame jokes on the inside of the empty wrappers, the ability to flood a bathroom in under three minutes flat, can manage to get themselves covered from head to toe in permanent black upon discovering a stray Sharpie marker, capable of destroying a brand new shirt with the sauce from just a half of a slice of pizza, able to fall into a full blown tantrum within seconds over absolutely nothing, the skill to destroy a computer system with the push of a button, able to traumatize a pet cat for life with one too tight “hug” and can empty a bottle of glue with one mighty squeeze…BEHOLD! THE POWERS OF SUPER FOUR YEAR OLD!

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