15,000+ and Counting…(What the What?!)

Once upon a time I bought a notebook to document all the hysterically funny, unbelievable, shocking, tear-jerking, and insane things my kids did and said. Then, I decided to turn that notebook into a blog. Next, I paid a visit to Facebook and created Where’s the f#*king mommy manual?. When I realized I had 100 fans, I was shocked. When I reached 500, I was blown away. When I hit 1,000, I was in complete awe that so many people would take the time to read about my Mommy tantrums. Fast foward nine months to today…there are 15,000+ of you here and I want to take a moment to thank you all for being here, for your sarcasm, your wit, your honesty and your kind words. Thank you all for proving to me I am not alone on this crazy roller coaster ride called parenthood.
And to all those pages out there I love to read, have shown me love and keep me laughing on a daily basis…a big thank you to all of you as well. Scary Mommy, PaRANThood, Holdin’ Holden, Mary Tyler Mom, I Want a Dumpster Baby, Joy of Mom, Ninja Mom, Inside the Mind of a Ghetto Genius, ~My Inner Child Is a Drunken Whore~

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