Mommie Dearest 2…

And the Leading Role of Mommie Dearest in the Upcoming Movie Mommie Dearest 2-The Sequel Goes To…Me.
According to this chart, I needed an exorcist by 8:37 AM this morning. That’s got to be some sort of world record. Maybe it was  all the whining, or the bickering, or the fact that each and every room of the house was turned upside down or perhaps even just  a combination of all of the aove, but anyway you look at it, this morning was a bumpy one for sure. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to drown myself in my Mommy guilt for the next six hours until the little ones return home from school and quickly pick up right where they left off this morning with their mission of driving me the the brink of insanity. <hangs head in shame>

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