MOMMY’S MOST WANTED: Please forward all resumes to – Attn: Overwhelmed Mommy

– One skilled chef able to prepare, serve and clean up kid-friendly meals that are guaranteed to be eaten by the kids with them partaking in minimal whining and/or complaining.
– One house cleaner able to manage keeping the house continuously tidy and free of pet fur tumbleweeds, stray toys, and cookie crumbs.
– One launderer able meet the demands of never-ending mountains of dirty clothes waiting patiently to be washed as well as clean clothes in need of being folded and put away in the dresser drawers where they actually belong.
– One administrative assistant able to tackle, sort and make sense of the tsunami of PTA letters, homework sheets, notices from the teacher and projects that spill out of the children’s folders each day after school.
– One animal lover extraordinaire to make sure the cats and dogs are fed, watered, acknowledged on a daily basis and don’t get lost in the shuffle of the everyday household chaos.
– One nail techincian to give weekly pedicures to avoid Mommy having scary looking half painted chipped toenails.
Thank you for your interest. We hope to hear from you soon. Like, REALLY, REALLY soon.

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