Today’s Great Big FU Of The Day Goes To… The Wear a Specific Color to School Everyday Week.

Olivia truly looked like a lovely little ray of sunshine in her yellow shirt, yellow headband and yellow Hello Kitty bracelet as she walked through the school entrance this morning. My little lady was going to rock yellow day like a boss. Then I noticed the sea of green following the same path as Olivia …

and it hit me like someone had slapped me upside the damn head. It wasn’t yellow day after all. That was tomorrow. And just like that I fell off my Perfect Mommy 2012 pedestal. So, did I drive back home like a lunatic, dig through Olivia’s dresser drawers for a green shirt, grab a green headband and speed back to the school to drop them off for her in an attempt to help her forget this tragic day and future therapy bills? You bet you ass I did.
<begins her slow climb back up the Perfect Mommy pedestal>

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