A True F#*king Story…

There’s the f#*king dirty dishes staring at me while waiting to be cleaned.
There’s the f#*king laundry in the washing machine that needs to be run once again becasue Mommy completely forgot about it for the fourth time today.
There’s the steaming pile of f#*king dog shit on the kitchen floor that needs to be attended to.
There’s the f#*king trail of toys that must be put away so no one breaks an ankle while walking through the house.
There’s the f#*king bills on the counter that needed to be paid by yesterday.
There’s the f#*king refrigerator that is home to a half full bottle of expired ketchup, a shriveled up apple and a bottle of Mommy’s favorite wine that is simply begging to be filled with food.
However, there’s the f#*king oversized wine glass in the cabinet that is screaming to be filled with the f#”*king wine in the fridge and you know what that means?
It’s f#*king time for Mommy to indulge in a glass or three and watch her worries fade the f#*k away.
Cheers, bottoms up and a goodnight to all…

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