Calling All Mommies! Want to Lose That Mommy Guilt? Here’s How…

Go check out the new book, Joy-Worthy. Joy-Worthy gives you the scoop on how to let go of the five types of “mommy guilt;” how to deal with Martyrs, Joy Suckers and Not-Worthy Women; and how to get your joy back even if you feel isolated, angry or frustrated.
The book includes a series of journal entry questions for self-reflection, and tried-and-true tips on how to give yourself a break from the daily routine, reduce and manage stress, and build resilience and inner strength.
Author Julie McGrath also offers strategies for taking the risk to move beyond your comfort zone, and tips for rediscovering the goals and dreams you might have lost in the chaos of motherhood. Whether you’re just adjusting to motherhood, chasing toddlers, sparring with teens, or facing an empty nest with no idea of xcpertwho you are anymore, this book shows you how to reclaim your strong, confident and joyful self.
If you are not fully participating in your own life, Joy-Worthy is your wake-up call, because life doesn’t stop and wait until you feel ready. It’s time to stop that vicious cycle of blah and get moving in the direction of your dreams!
And a big thank you to Julie for including various excerpts from Where’s The F#*ing Mommy Manual? in the book and my review of her book right smack dab on the back cover!

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