Gearing Up For the Family Vacay Olivia Style…

Olivia, 5: “I have good news, Mom. I already packed my bag for our trip and don’t worry, I have EVERYTHING I would ever need.”
1. Metallic gold fur-lined boots and sequined Hello Kitty sneakers to ensure no matter which pair of shoes she chooses to wear on the trip, everyone within a fifteen mile radius sees her coming.
2. An unopened package of butterfly stickers to stick all over herself, her sister, the back of Mommy’ s head and the car during the four hour drive.
3. Some light reading material about super powered ponies and galloping to help pass the time while traveling.
4. A bottle of Mommy’s perfume which she already sprayed on herself 48 times before getting in the car causing all other passengers in the car to choke on her overpowering floral scent for the entire ride.
5. Cheese Doodles, in both puffed and crunchy form, to fill her belly and leave orange dust all over her hands, face, the car window and any other surface within two inches of her car seat.
6. A juice box, which she will down with just one super-sized sip, to wash down the cheese doodles and then complain moments later that she needs to “goes to the potty really, really bad because she is about to pee in her pants. For reals!”
7. A Tinkerbell bag with easy to use drawstring top for easy access to and transporting of all her vacay necessities.

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