Grandma: Like Mommy, But Nicer…

Camryn, 7: “Mom, do you still love me when you yell at me?”
Mommy: “Of course I love you when I yell. I love you no matter what. If Daddy yells, if Grandpa yells, if Grandma yells or anyone else in the family yells we all still love you. Do you understand that?”
Camryn, 7: “Yes, I do. But there’s just one thing.”
Mommy: “What’s that?”
Camryn, 7: “Well, actually, Grandma never, ever yells at me. Like EVER.”
Mommy: (hangs head in shame, tumbles right off her Mommy of the Year pedestal and says a quick prayer that Grandma never, ever gets word of the conversation because she’d never, ever let her live it down)



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