Mommy The Explorer…

You know your new haircut didn’t quite turn out looking like that fabulous magazine photo of Gwyneth Paltrow you brought to your hairdresser when the following conversation takes place upon your arrival home from the salon…
Camryn, 6: “Hey Mom! Looks like you got a haircut, huh?”
Mommy: “Yep. I did. Ya like it?”
Camryn, 6: Well..uh, I do like it, but there’s ah, just one thing.”
Mommy: “Go on. Lay it on me, Cam.”
Camryn: “Ok. Fine. I’ll just say it. You look like Dora.”
Mommy: “As in the explorer?”
Camryn, 6: “Yeah.”
Mommy, 6: “That’s something that should’ve been kept to yourself.”
Camryn, 6: “Whoops.”

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