mommy’s night out in full effect…

Tonight’s MNO agenda shall include the following:

1. Order a few bottles of wine.

2. Unanimously agree to completely avoid discussing children and/or anything remotely child-related throughout the duration of the evening.

3. Pour more wine.

4. Begin taking turns rambling about how your kids nearly drove you to the brink of insanity today.

5. Fill empty glasses with more wine.

6. Inconspicuously text husbands to make sure he doesn’t forget to give the kids kisses from Mommy at bedtime.

7. Finish off bottles of wine.

8. Begin sharing insane thoughts on the idea of how truly fabulous it’d be to have another child and to hear the pitter patter of little baby feet running throughout the house once again.

9. Sit back, let the wine wear off and wait for reality to slap you square in the face and knock some f#*king sense into you.

10. Agree that tonight’s conversations shall never leave the table and immediately ask for the check.



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