New Year’s Resolutions: Mommy Style…

1. Self-Control: Learn to substitute kid-friendly phrases, such as “Oh, shoot!” and “Darn it to heck!” in place of those other four-letter curse words that usually slip out my mouth when coming in contact with someone driving 13 in a 55 mph zone while I am late to get where we’re going.
2. Tolerance: Learn tolerance while refraining from arguing with, telling off and potentially drop-kicking members of that super elite and super irritating, Mommy-know-it-all society.
3. Acceptance: Learn to accept that the title of supermom does not mean my child’s birthday cupcakes must look exactly like one of those flawless masterpieces on Pinterest and remember that even lopsided Hello Kitty cupcakes taste just as good as perfectly symmetrical ones.
4. Patience: Learn the art of less yelling and more patience…even on those days I am woken up at 6:08 am to the paradise that is a glass of spilled chocolate milk, a super-sized pile of steaming dog shit, no clean socks and two bickering children.
5. Forgiveness: Learn to bring each day to a close by taking a quick moment to remind myself that even though I yelled at the kids, served them mac and cheese from a blue box for dinner, sent Olivia off to school with uneven pigtails, had to wash the same load of laundry three times in a row because I forgot about it, the floors in the house have been begging to be vacuumed since last Wednesday, it really is okay…because tomorrow’s another day without any mistakes in it.
So, 2013 Mommmy of the Year Award…here I come.
Let’s do this.
<dusts off a space on the mantle for award>

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