Silence is Golden… (Unless You Have Kids)

Because the silence may be due to the little gem keeping busy (and by busy, I mean wreaking pure havoc) by cutting the cat’s whiskers, or flushing a Barbie doll down the toilet, or painting the dog’s nails (and most of their paws) with bright red nailpolish, or skating around the kitchen floor in a puddle of broken eggs, or writing (and misspelling) the…ir name in black Sharpie marker on their forehead, or dumping an entire bottle of baby powder on the floor to make it look “snowy” in their bedroom, or sprinkling silver and gold glitter on the dog to make her sparkle and shine, or ransacking Mommy’s closet to entertain themself with a round of dress-up.
Therefore, today’s lesson is silence and kids just don’t mix. Like, never. So, beware of the silence. Question it, investigate it and always expect the worst.
And that, my fellow parents…is one to grow on.

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