The Prettiest Elf on the Shelf…

So, it seems seven-year-old Camryn has grown somewhat desperate as Christmas approaches and has taken to flattery in an attempt to erase her wrong doings this past year (which include, but are not limited to, excessive whining, sneaking a third AND fourth Oreo cookie, and sticking her tongue out at her mother when she mistakenly thought the coast was clear) in order to win over our Elf on the Shelf so that she shall return to the North Pole each night and report only good things back to her buddy, Santa Claus.
I learned of this scheme earlier this evening upon reaching for the elf to move her to a new spot in the house.
It was then that I came across a little pink envelope stuffed with a piece of matching pink paper that had the following message neatly printed on it and surrounded by lopsided hearts:
Dear Ava the Elf,
You are soooooo pretty.
Love, Camryn
PS: Happy Holidays!!!!! HO! HO! HO!

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