My Boss Is A Five-Year-Old…

…I need a cup of milk, I need a yogurt stick, I need a cheese stick, I need more milk, I need a juice box, I need you to watch me go poopy, I need you to read to me while I go poopy, I need you to wipe my butt, I need goldfish crackers, I need another juice box in a different flavor than last time, I need a bubble gum flavored lollipop, I need you to immediately stop everything you’re doing and abandon your Target shopping cart so you can escort me to the potty again, I need you to sit next to me and observe while I play with my toys, but don’t even think of touching them, I need you to go get my blankie and favorite stuffed animal of the week, I need you to turn on the tv and surf all 350 channels until I see something I think I would like to watch, I’m thirsty, I’m hungry, here comes another poopy…
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mommycarry me

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