Phone Calls: Mommy Style…

Caller: “Is this a bad time?”
Mommy: (swatting at kids as they run past her shrieking the chorus to Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” as loud as they possibly can) “Oh no, no, no. Please go on.”
Caller: “Um, are you sure because it sounds like a really bad time for you.”
Mommy: “I got news for you. It ain’t gonna be any better if you call back later, so let’s get this done now, shall we?”
Caller: “What’s that? I’m having a hard time hearing you.”
Mommy: (sprints to the nearest bathroom, immediately locks door and attempts to complete the phone call while doing her damdest to ignore the little hellions pounding on the door)
Without fail. Every f#*king time. <sigh>
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