Cue the Carousel Music As Yet Another Schoolweek Begins in Good Ol’ Mommyland…

On your mark. Get set. Go!
It begins with a dash of laundry. Some dishwasher loading and unloading. A pinch of vacuuming. A little bit of tantrum-taming. A …tad of butt wiping. Some shoe/sock search and recovery missions. Lots of juice cup filling and refilling. Some snotty nose wiping. A couple rounds of hair accessory repositioning. Multiple episodes of dog poop cleaning up. A few food shopping field trips. Countless instances of cheese stick unwrapping. A great deal of toy re-organizing. Way too much sibling rivalry refereeing. A whole lot of school lunch packing. A handful of bath giving. Lots of bedtime story reading and finally, if you’re lucky…passing out cold in your own bed by 11:30 pm…only to hop back on the carousel again in seven short hours. Ugh. Where are the f#*ing brakes on this thing?
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