Mommy’s Not-So-Proud, Yet True Confession #62,850:

Although Mommy’s love is unconditional, she will always have a special soft spot for the kid who naps, wipes their own butt, ties their own shoes, and doesn’t exit their room six times afte…r Mommy declares it bedtime with poor excuses such as the need for a glass of water or two, to say goodnight to and bearhug the cat, to discuss which Justin Bieber song is the best to dance to, and to make use of the potty three damn times.
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One thought on “Mommy’s Not-So-Proud, Yet True Confession #62,850:

  1. Kelly Ozley says:

    I LOVE children who nap… I think they will grow up to be super smart… don’t you? As a single mother of two (4 & 6) …. I MISS THE NAP. Loved reading this and your blog. Thanks for the chuckles.

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