Today’s Great Big FU of the Day Goes to Pokemon…

I’m compeltely convinced that Pokemon was created simply to drive parents straight to the brink of insanity, because my daughter’s obsession with these damn jibberish-speaking, freaky-looking creatures has pushed me to right to the edge and I swear that with the next mention of Pikachu, pokeballs, or the sound of her desperately pleading and begging for yet another pack of stupid cards…I’m officially jumping. Head first.

*Please commiserate with me by sharing the most annoying toy obsession you child ever had or has, make me feel like I am not alone, and most importantly, save me from throwing my Mommy self right over the ledge…


One thought on “Today’s Great Big FU of the Day Goes to Pokemon…

  1. Ryan says:

    My son was into Pokemon from the age of 6 until 11. Now he wants me to sell his collection of pokemon cards on eBay. Such a waste of money….I don’t think he every played with those darn card either!!! They are in a collectors binder and a shoe box collecting dust now. But I did sell his Pokemon DS & games on eBay for a nice fee of $130! So I guess we got our money back on some stuff!

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