The Precious Things…

To My Two Precious Children,

Thank you for making me realize I have reserves of patience I never knew any human coud possibly have in order to deal with your category 5 tantrums, whining, and endless questions about why the sky is blue, where babies come from, and why it is just not ok to have half a box of Oreo’s and a side of chocolate pudding for dinner. Thank you for enlightening me that even though I can’t see straight and slur my words all day long, I can pretty much on less than an hour’s worth of sleep. Thank you for making me so insane that I don’t even miss my sanity anymore. And last, but not least, thank you for your company and poop-themed jokes each and every time my ass hits the toilet seat to take care of business.

Forever Grateful,
Your Exhausted, Impatient, Certifiably Crazy, Stinky Poop Making Mom


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