21+ Questions…


*The following is just a small…very, very, very small, sampling of the plethora of questions posed to me by five-year-old Olivia at some point during the day today. Apparently, I am not only a Mommy, but also a f#*king encyclopedia of information on everything and anything….including Justin Beaver.

Why is Daddy so hairy?
Will I be hairy when I grow up too?
Um, how come sometimes when I push really hard to make a fart poopy slips out into my underwear?
Can I just have one more Oreo even though that will make it seven all together in my belly?
I know you said go to bed like an hour ago, but is it okay if I just ask you one last really, super important question about that new Justin Beaver song first?
Mommy, why aren’t you answering me…..?
Mommy, are you listening?
Mom, mommy, ma, mama, mum, mummy, mom!?”


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