Top Ten Names My Daughters Would Like Me To Give To Their Baby Brother…


1. Angus (as in beef as well as some male character on some random Nickelodeon show they are obsessed with this week)
2. Ash (as in some weird looking guy from that super weird and extremely disturbing Pokeman cartoon)
3. Kipper (as in so they can say his name with a thick British accent like they do in that cartoon about a dog named Kipper)
4. Trevor (as in because they have a friend who has a baby brother who is “cute and doesn’t cry a lot” who is named this)
5. Chuck (as in a tribute to their favorite Peanuts character, Charlie Brown)
6. Sacagawea (as in the Native American they recently learned about in school and can’t get enough of hearing themselves say it over and over and over again)
7. Oshawott (as in another freaky looking Pokemon character with another freaky name who speaks in tongues)
8. Chocolate Chip Cookie (as in because “everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, right?”)
9. Timmy Turner (as in the irritating, buck-toothed main character on that annoying show, The Fairly Odd Parents)
10. Shutup (as in “so when the teacher asks him what his name is he gets to tell her to shutup”)
*Any and all ideas for baby boy names, except any of the ones listed, are welcomed and encouraged. Go. Please and thank you.


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