Monthly Archives: September 2010


While eating dinner tonight Camryn asked me if I knew what a synopsis was. Of course, I answered, “no” to see what she would reply with. However, I wasn’t prepared for her answer, “A synopsis is what’s written on the back of a book and tells you a little bit about what the book is about.”

I guess we can’t say she isn’t paying attention in school. Damn. My baby is getting edumacated!


Thinking of You…or Not…

Camryn: “Will you think about me when I’m gone at school today?” Mommy: (a bit teary eyed) “Of course, I wil think about you all day long. Will you think about me?” Camryn: “No.” Mommy’s flow of tears aborted.

Die Bee Die!

Today I observed Liv stomping on an already half dead bee and yelling. “Na, na, na, na, naaaa…now you can’t get me!” Both humourous and disturbing, but probably a little heavier on the humourous side.

Cranky Pants

Tonight I was told, “try to not be so cranky when you wake up in the morning” upon tucking Camryn into bed. Wow. Just wow.

Headbands Don’t Have Feet

This morning, I asked Camryn is she knew where Liv’s headband was and was told, “Well, head bands don’t walk, but people do, so it has to be here somewhere.” I can’t with this kid…straight outta the twilight zone.

Not Just A Rabbit

While in the car today, Camryn was reading a book. Liv looked over and said, “Hey Cam, look at that rabbit in that book!” To which Cam replied, “Oh Livy. That’s not just a rabbit, that’s a JACKRABBIT ya silly girl!”

Die Bumble Bee, Die!

Today I observed Liv stomping on an already half dead bee and yelling. “Na, na, na, na, naaaa…now you can’t get me!”  Both humourous and disturbing.

Pass the Tissues…

I didn’t plan on it, but somehow just got sucked into looking at old pictures of the kids. It was all going so well until I clicked on the one of Cam right after she was born. The floodgates have opened…and Kindergarten doesn’t even start until Wednesday. Somebody stop me. I am a blubbering fool.

If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Ring On It…

I was caught a little bit off guard today when Liv told her, very matter-of-factly, “I want to get married and get a ring”. Any single two and a half year old bachelors out there looking to settle down with a fiesty, yet charming little lady?

Boys vs. Girls

Today I was informed by Camryn that “boys have a circle thingy with a stick and girls have a pagina”. You learn something new everyday.