Monthly Archives: October 2010

Homework Brainache

I am in total agreeance with Camryn’s deep thought of the day: “Having homework every single day is making my brain hurt!” I’m with ya on that one, kiddo.


Homework Hide and Seek

So, I just beckoned for Cam to come downstairs to finish her homework and heard a distant voice cry out, “I hate my homework, so I’ll just go hide someplace where you can’t find me and then I don’t have to do it”. Sounds like a solid plan.

Can’t Pronounce-asourus…

I am having great difficulty not only identifying Camryn’s new dinosaur figurines, but can’t even pronounce their names when I finally find do find out what they are. It could’ve been worse, she could’ve asked me to teach her how to do long division.

Birthday Cheeseballs…

We made sure Liv’s birthday party was made up of everything she loves…her family, friends, princess costumes, glitter, ice cream, cake and unlimited amounts of cheese balls. Wonder what she’s got up her sleeve for my next birthday? I’d be more than satisfied with just the cheeseballs…just saying…

Yo Gabba Gabba!

I think today was about as fun as they come. Highlights include: Liv beatboxing with Biz, Liv taking down DJ Lance with a bear hug, Camryn dancing her lil ass off during the show, and hanging out with the Gabba Gang. ♥ “Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Love My Family!” ♥

Dreaming of Princesses…

We just completed Happy Birthday Liv, round 1, and it was a success. She drifted off to sleep rambling, “I got princess bike, I got princess clothes, I got princess phone, I got princess shoes, I eat the princess cake…..”

Momma’s Time Out

I would like to put myself in a time out. An extended time out. Somewhere where it’s quiet, they serve margaritas 24/7 and there are no alarm clocks.